Faculty of Humanities University of Matej Bel

Department of Physical Education and Sports

The Department of Physical Education and Sports was founded over fifty years ago, making it one of the oldest departments at Matej Bel University. We focus on preparing future primary and secondary school teachers, university teachers and professionals in the field of sports and physical education. Our staff includes more than twenty-nine teachers, including four professors, eight associate professors and seventeen assistant lecturers. In the 2012/2013 academic year, 850 day and external students studied at the department in programmes focused on physical education, sports and coaching.

The graduates of the Department of Physical Education and Sports include a significant number of successful Slovak sportsmen and sportswomen who have represented the country at the Olympics, the World Championships, the European Championships and the World Universiades, e.g. Jaroslav Babušiak – downhill skiing, Ivan Bátory – cross-country skiing, Martina Danišová-Hrašnová – track and field, Klaudio Farmadín – karate, Milan Haborák – track and field, Pavol Hurajt – biathlon, Martina
Halinárová-Jašicová – biathlon, Elena Kaliská – whitewater slalom, Igor Kováč – track and field, Ľuboš Križko – swimming, Jaroslava Lauková-Bukvajová – cross-country skiing, Marek Matiaško – biathlon, Anna Murínová – biathlon, Peter Náhly – gymnastics, Anna Pastrnáková – cross-country skiing, Marcela Remiášová – karate and Alena Procházková – cross-country skiing.