Faculty of Humanities University of Matej Bel


Over the recent decades, members of the department have contributed to the interpretive understanding of works by Slovak authors and to theoretical reflection on their poetics (Š. Krčméry, P. Karvaš, A. Bednár, L. Ťažký, D. Tatarka, D. Mitana, L. Ballek, P. Hrúz, S. Rakús, etc.). From thematic and poetological points of view, they study the dominant features of selected literary periods (the "in-between generation" of Slovak poets – from realism to modernism, Slovak Romantic poetry and its imagery), "marginal" literary phenomena (popular Slovak literature of earlier periods) and also other literary texts (sacred texts in Slovak literature, motifs of love and eroticism in 19th- and 20th-century Slovak poetry, motifs of outsiders, loneliness, depictions of Judaism). Research is further focused on the comparison of foreign texts (tripartite Indo-European ideology reflected in the medieval literary culture of central-European peoples) and interdisciplinary theoretical works (narration in fiction and factual texts).