Faculty of Humanities University of Matej Bel

Erasmus Students

Faculty Erasmus Administrator

Mgr. Margaréta Krkošová

Mgr. Margaréta Krkošová


Nepedagogický zamestnanec

Vice-dean for International Relations, Faculty Erasmus Coordinator

Lujza Urbancová, PhD.

Lujza Urbancová, PhD.

Vysokoškolský učiteľ, prodekanka pre medzinárodnú spoluprácu, rozvoj a vzťahy s verejnosťou

Odborný asistent


Why study at our faculty in Banska Bystrica?

The Faculty of Arts is the second largest faculty at Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica. The Faculty departments have existed more than 50 years and represent the academic foundation of university education in the region of Central Slovakia.

The faculty offers ten undergraduate and five postgraduate accredited study programmes that may be studied full time or part time.

Students are admitted through entrance exams. Over the longterm, the numbers of applicants have been higher than places offered. The quality of study is guaranteed by twelve departments and the Instutite of Social and Cultural Studies. The European Credit Transfer System has been adopted by all faculties of the university, ours being among the first ones.

Our graduates find jobs in educational and cultural institutions, as well as in mass-media and state administration.

The school facilities include multimedia classrooms, an internet club, a university library, sports centre, residence halls with cafeteria, all of which are located in the vicinity of the faculty school buildings.

For those with extra-curricular interests and leisure time, the faculty choir, music band and sports club are available.

The town of Banska Bystrica offers much in cultural events, historical sites and natural beauty.

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