ERASMUS for Traineeships

Placement Offer Form

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Deadline for submissions

Deadline for submissions

for winter semester: nomination to JUN 15, application to JULY 15

Before arrival

Before you come to study here

Before you come to study here you must prepare yourself for a game called Bureaucracy. It's not really difficult, but you do have to remember ALL the rules. To make it as easy and smooth as possible we shall take you through the individual steps of the procedure. We are also including most of the forms to be filled in order to obtain all the necessary permits.


Without the application we can not send the acceptation letter!

When you are nominated by your university as an Erasmus student, please fill the enclosed:

These documents send in time:

We can accept PDF format of these documents  send by e-mail to


Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica

Faculty of Arts

Office for International Cooperation

Mgr. Margaréta Krkošová

Tajovskeho 40

974 01 Banska Bystrica



Health insurance

  1. Nationals of the European Union, the European Economic Area and Switzerland shoul obtain the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from the health insurance institution to which they are affiliated before their arrival to Slovakia.
  2. We recommend to nationals of other countries to get their health insurance valid for their entire stay in Slovakia before their arrival to Slovakia.

The foreigner must submit a document confirming health insurance during the stay in the Slovak Republic. Students can arrange it in their own country.

Buddy system

Foreign students incoming to Banska Bystrica are automatically enrolled in the buddy system. You will be contacted by your buddy/tutor a few weeks before official start of semester in your university. If it is not done so five weeks before the official start, send us an email to and we will send you back more detailed information. For exchange students.


How to get to Banská Bystrica:

  1. Flights to Vienna (Austria). It is only 60 km from Bratislava. From the Schwechat airport there is a regular bus service to Bratislava (bus station).
  2. Flights from Prague to Bratislava's M.R. Stefanik Airport with the Czech Airlines.

The easist way from the airport in Bratislava to the bus or railway station is to take a taxi. The charge is cca 7 €/person to the bus station or railway station.  Banská Bystrica is about 206 km from Bratislava. Take a coach from the Autobus Station NIVY (it takes 3.5 to 4,5 hours) or the IC train (it takes about 3 hours). Please announce the date, time and place of your arrival in advance. We would like to be there to welcome you to Banská Bystrica and take you to your accommodation site.

Trains + Buses: (in Slovak - English - Deutsch languages)

Buses and trolleybuses in Banská Bystrica: (in Slovak - English languages). From railway station you can take buses no 34, 35, 36.

First days:

  • Arrival in Slovakia and Banská Bystrica, accommodation of student - International students have a tutor who helps them to plan their academic programs from the ESN UMB
  • Informative meeting with international relations officer
  • Personal visit to foreign police and registration office, completing materials for the stay in Slovakia (only non EU students)
  • Detailed information about study and time schedule of lectures
  • Meeting with representative of university, faculty ...

Within the duration of your study stay. International students: 

  • can visit International Relations Offices during opening hours or by arrangements made by e-mail, 
  • can visit university library, 
  • must ask for university ISIC card. 


Foreign students can stay at University residence halls 3, Slovak name is Študentský domov 3, Tajovského 51, Banská Bystrica.

The residence hall provide rooms with single or triple rooms.

The monthly accommodation fee ranges from 50,00 € to 61,00 € per month and you pay the fee for the period of stay in advance - cash by check in.  

Students can use university wi-fi.

Each floor has a shared kitchen with two electric cookers and a fridge.

Each floor has a cleaning lady who takes away rubbish and once a week wipes off floors. Bedding to go with your bed consists of a pillow, a duvet and bed lining (pillow case, duvet case, bed sheet). Clean bed lining is provided once a month. It is possible to get a blanket for a cca 1,7 € deposit per year. Laundry service is provided at Tajovského 51, at cca 2,50 € for 5 kg. 


In the halls there are student cafeterias. They are open for lunch (soup and main course) with three daily choices, one of them vegetarian. You buy vouchers per 1,52 € in advance. For lunch you stamp your choice on a voucher a day ahead. Lunches are served from Monday - Friday: 11.00 - 14.00. In the halls there is a shared kitchen on each floor where you can cook for yourself; you using your own cookware.

Sports Facilities Leisure & Student Organisations

Many activities are available: volleyball, basketball, aerobics, exercise in the fitness centre, swimming pool, tennis, karate in the Club of University Sports for All at ŠK Matej Bel University. Other sport activities are available in the surrounding area.

In the town, many cafēs are available. In Banska Bystrica you will find the British Council, The Alliance Français, the opera house, the Puppet Theater, and a few cinemas.

Students may participate in common students' organisations, such as folk dancing, folk singing, Academic mixed choir of Ján Cikker, The Mixed Choir Mladosť or group Živé kamene ("Living stones").

Some faculties have student parliaments. There are some organisations representing specific countries such as:

  • Euro-Atlantic Centre (by Faculty of Political sciences and International Affairs)
  • European Academy (by Faculty of Political sciences and International Affairs)
  • FPOLIT - France and French speaking countries (by Faculty of Political sciences and International Affairs)
  • VYCHPOLIT - orientation of Eastern countries (by Faculty of Political sciences and International Affairs)

There are also specific student organisation with subject of study like:

  • AIESEC (at Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Finance)
  • ESN UMB (European Students Network)
  • ELSA - European Law Student Association (at Faculty of Law)
  • Amnesty International and Street Law (by Faculty of Law).

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