Traditional handicrafts such as cultural identity element of the local community

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Annotation of achieved result: Monograph Ethnocultural Contexts of Blueprint (Blueprint Workshop in Hranovnica) Elemír Montško’s blueprint workshop was one of the most distinct workshops of its kind on our territory for more than two centuries. Its inception stretch back to the 18th century and the activity has ended at the end of the 20th century. It reached the biggest importance during the activity of the master Kornel Montško. Moreover, it became one of the cultural identity elements of a local society. The monograph traces the blueprint manufacture in historical relations from international to local level. In conditions of Hranovnica it traces architectonical, manufacturing-technological and social contexts of the manufacture. Consequently, it targets the present preservation and protection possibilities of well-preserved rare manufacture documents. It analyses the possibilities in museological relations, estimates its positive and negative aspects and proposes a museological solution.




Scientific Grant Agency of the Slovak Republic

Project number:1/0766/11
Duration:2011 - 2013
Project coordinator:PhDr. Krišková Zdena, PhD. (Faculty of Arts, Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica)
Foreign project:no
Classification: AAA
Title: Revitalizácia tradičnej kultúry a lokálna identita (Revitalisation of traditional culture and local identity)
Authors: KRIŠKOVÁ Zdena, BITUŠÍKOVÁ Alexandra, DARULOVÁ Jolana, KOŠTIALOVÁ Katarína, LUTHER Daniel
Classification: AAB
Title: Etnokultúrne kontexty výroby modrotlače (modrotlačiarska dielňa v Hranovnici)
Authors: KRIŠKOVÁ, Zdena
Classification: ABA
Title: Živočíšne prostriedky v ľudovom liečení na hornom Spiši
Authors: Krišková Zdena
Classification: ADE
Title: Detský textil ako doklad etnokultúrnych väzieb spoločenstva.
Authors: KRIŠKOVÁ, Zdena
Classification: ADF
Title: Ekologicko-kultúrne aspekty tradičnej výroby a identita
Authors: KRIŠKOVÁ, Zdena
Classification: ADF
Title: Etnologické rozpravy
Authors: Ed. KRIŠKOVÁ, Zdena
Classification: ADF
Title: Úloha výskumu v procese uchovania a vedeckého zhodnocovania kultúrneho dedičstva v múzeu
Authors: Krišková, Zdena