Generational specifics of autobiographical prose by East German authors after 1989

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Annotation of achieved result: An individual project mapping presently just partially researched autobiographical texts of different East German literary generations contributes to a further differentiated reflection on the developmental trends in culture and literature after 1989. The most significant outcome of the research topic is the lead investigator’s monograph titled Generational aspects of East German autobiographical prose after 1989 (Cracow 2013), which confirms the generational specifics of the researched literature and attempts to systemise existing evidence. The research topic is anchored in a wider context of Central Europe and the cultural memory of post-communist states. It identifies the role of auto-fiction, hybrid writing, which changes and modifies the relationship between fiction and reality, as a significant specific feature. Especially the younger generations of authors push the boundaries of fiction and documentation in autobiographical writing, f.e. by integrating pictures and real documents into literary texts.




Scientific Grant Agency of the Slovak Republic

Project number:1/0424/11
Duration:2011 - 2012
Project coordinator:PhDr., PhD. Zemaníková Nadežda (Faculty of Arts, Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica)
Foreign project:no

AAA Vedecké monografie vydané v zahraničných vydavateľstvách

ZEMANÍKOVÁ, Nadežda 100%: Generačné aspekty východonemeckej autobiografickej prózy po roku 1989. Kraków : Towarzystwo Słowaków w Polsce, 2013. 105 s. ISBN 978-83-7490-539-8
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AFD Publikované príspevky na domácich vedeckých konferenciách

ZEMANÍKOVÁ, Nadežda 100%: Briefe zur Nacht : Autobiographische literarische Zeugnisse von 1989/90 [Listy k noci : autobiografické literárne svedectvá rokov 1989/90]. In: Bujňáková, M. - Paráčková, J. - Irsfeld, CH. (eds.): Deutsch in Forschung und Lehre. Teil II. Sammelband. Prešov : Filozofická fakulta Prešovskej univerzity, 2012, s. 338 - 350. ISBN 978-80-555-0586-2
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