Sep 28, 2020



History of Britain and history of the United States -- originally two separate courses, are now taught as one-semester course with 13 weeks of in-class instruction and approximately 5 weeks of examination period. In contrast to other courses the two histories are treated separately here (i.e. history of Britain and the United States have two separate sets of webpages).  For each history follow one of the following links: 


1. History of Britain

2. History of the United States


We will make our way through topics in British and American history in the following fashion. The first SIX weeks will be devoted to the history of Britain. This will be followed by TEST I in week 7 or 8 covering all the topics in British history. Then, the remaining SIX weeks of the semester will focus on American history. After that I'm going to give TEST II on American history covering all the topics in the history of that country. The syllabi (i. e. specific topics to be revised) are to be found here: British history syllabus and here: US history syllabus. Please note that there are 12 topics to be covered in each country's history. I'll do my best to cover as many topics in my lectures as possible. The number seminars devoted to history of Britain, however, is only 6 and the same applies to American history. That means that we'll be doing some topics in seminars, while the rest of them will have to be studied on your own, as self-study. Please check the Seminar preparation sections to see what topics are to be covered IN CLASS and what needs to be revised as SEFL-STUDY. You're also advised to keep your eye on this page (and then on the US History Announcement after we've switched to U.S. history) to be informed of any important announcements, including the upcomming taste dates, cancelled classes, etc.