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Introduction   IN CLASS

  1. COURSEBOOK: Britain, 4. Identity; 5. Attitudes
  2. Article-BBC readers views on what makes British British.doc


The Country, People and their Identities   IN CLASS

  1. COURSEBOOK: Britain, 1.Country and People
  2. Article-Quiet Revolution-Genies out of Boxes.doc
  3. Article-Activity-British Unity in Diversity.doc
  4. Article-Spoken in the UK.doc
  5. Article-Well-spoken Employees Wanted.doc


Geography and Regional Differences   SELF-STUDY

  1. COURSEBOOK: Britain, 3.Geography
  2. North-South divide-article from Wikipedia          DOWNLOAD AS PDF
  3. Financial Times-The UK North South divide
  4. Daily Mail-The Real North-South divide-newspaper article Feb 14 2013


System of Government   SELF-STUDY

  1. COURSEBOOK: Britain, 7. The Monarchy; 8.The Government; 9. Parliament
  2. The workings of the UK parliament: instructions for classroom listening activities
  3. VIDEO 1: UK Parliament Tour: Welcome to the Houses of Parliament
  4. VIDEO 2: The Queen Formally Opens Parliament, Oct 19, 2019
  5. VIDEO 3 & 4: The House of Commons Chamber: How the Chamber Works
  6. VIDEO 5: UK Parliament tour - the House of Lords


British Politics   IN CLASS

  1. OURSEBOOK: Britain, 6.Political Life; 10. Electionss
  2. Newspaper article-First-past-the-post: Everything you need to know about the UK voting system
  3. Activity-Britain, election system (vocabulary exercises)
  4. British and Slovak electoral systems compared (Powerpoint presentation)


Education   SELF-STUDY

  1. COURSEBOOK: Britain, 14. Education
  2. Lecture 6: Education (powerpoint presentation)
  3. ADDITIONAL READING: Public school (United Kingdom)
  4. VIDEO: Harrow Documentary 2013: A Very British School Part 1, Part 2 (also available in the READINGS & VIDEO)


Law and Order   SELF-STUDY

  1. COURSEBOOK: Britain, 11. The Law


The Media   IN CLASS

  1. COURSEBOOK: Britain, 16. The Media
  2. British dailies' FRONT PAGES (Feb 5, 2020): Daily Express, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Daily Star, Daily Telegraph, Financial Times, Guardian, Independent, Sun, Times


The Welfare State   SELF-STUDY

  1. COURSEBOOK: Britain, 18. Welfare
  2. Video worksheet-John Smith in Stornoway (from BBC video course People & Places, pages 73-77)
  3. Article-British Health and Welfare System
  4. Questions on article British Health and Welfare System
  5. Article-Is the NHS Falling Apart


Northern Ireland   IN CLASS

  1. BACKGROUND READING: Northern Ireland-article from Encyclopedia Encarta
  2. Activity-home assignment for Brighton bomb classroom activity
  3. Article-Guardian-Paisley and Adams agree deal, March 26, 2007


Scotland and Wales

  1. BACKGROUND READING: Scotland-article from Encyclopedia Encarta
  2. BACKGROUND READING: Wales-article from Encyclopedia Encarta
  3. Article-Independent-Big Question What would happen if Scotland achieved its independence?
  4. Article-Times-How Scots could be better off by going it alone
  5. Activity-A Picture of Britain: Highlands & Glens


Britain and the World   IN CLASS

  1. COURSEBOOK: Britain, 12. International relations
  2. Activity-Public Debate on immigration to the UK 
  3. Article-Economist-Immigration: Give & Take, article in Economist, Dec 2018
  4. Article-The Pros and Cons of Immigration (Oxbridge Applications)
  5. BBC News: Net migration to UK falls by 49,000
  6. Immigration to the United Kingdom since 1922 (Wikipedia article)         DOWNLOAD AS PDF