American History course announcements


Oct 30, 2017

This semester, you will access most of your weekly reading assignments as well as all the other study materials electronically, via the internet. Your "coursebook" is called A Biography of America. This is in fact a videocourse accompanied by a web site in one designed by US university professors and produced by WGBH Boston and funded by Annenberg Media, U.S. Apart from all reading materials, the Biography of America website gives you the possibility to watch all the accompanying videos online, free of charge. Please follow the instructions to make full use of the website materials.

  1. To play videos: E.g. select chapter one The New World Encounters. Find Transcript and click the video icon (VoD).


Dec 11, 2017

I have now entered three test dates in the AIS system so that you can register to take tests during the exam period. Let me remind you of the course assessment procedure. In order to complete your first attempt assessment (hodnotenie v riadnom termíne) you now have to take Test II (covering all the 12 topics in US history). You can have a choice of three test dates to take TEST II (December 19th 2017, January 9th 2018, January 23rd 2018). The US history test results (amounting to 50% of the course assessment) will be added up to the results of TEST I (12 topics in British history, also 50% of the overall assessment). If you collect more than 65% ( = 65 points) in total, from the sum of both TEST I and TEST II (including all the bonus points, i. e. active participation and non-compulsory tasks) you have passed (see the assessment scale for pass grades in the excel file). If you have failed to collect at least 65 points, you have failed your first attempt (riadny termín) and you have one more chance (or second attempt) to retake the course assessment. What is important to remember is that the second attempt (opravný termín) consists of both the British history component (all 12 topics) and US history component (all 12 topics) combined in one single RESIT TEST, worth 70 points. All the bonus points will be incorporated into your secend attempt assessment, but their value will be reduced in proportion. At this moment you have to do one of the following: 1. register for one of the three test dates to take TEST II (US history), or 2. Write me an email that you intend to take a RESIT TEST straight away. I'll then enter an Fx for you in the AIS and then you can register for one of the three test dates to take your RESIT TEST.



Jan 19, 2018

First of all, my apologies for the delay in the assessment of the tests from January 9th test date. I've been on sick leave for almost two weeks now, first taking care of my bed-ridden kids, then being down with flu myself. I hope I'll be back at work on Monday the 22nd.  I have now marked all the tests from January the 9th and I have also entered the final grades into AIS for those who have completed their course assessment. You can come and have a look at your tests on Wednesday the 24th. Now, the January the 23rd test date IS ON, as scheduled. In addition, as I promised, there will be ONE MORE test date (the fourth) in the last week of the examination period. I've been thinking of January the 31st. I will specify the date and enter it into the AIS shortly after January the 23rd.



Jan 24, 2018

The very last test date will take place on Tuesday, January the 30th. Please note that there will be NO MORE test dates this examination term. The fourth test date will take place at 10 o'clock, in room F313, Tajovského 40. Sign up in the AIS. If you want to take a resit (British and US history in one test) and you have not taken TEST II (US history) write me an email so that I can enter "Fx" in the AIS for your first attempt (riadny termín). Without it you can't register for a second attempt (opravný termín). If, for any reason, you experience any trouble registering or communicating with me and you want to take a test on the 30th, come anyway!