American History course announcements


Nov 6, 2018

This semester, you will access most of your weekly reading assignments as well as all the other study materials electronically, via the internet. Your "coursebook" is called A Biography of America. This is in fact a videocourse accompanied by a web site in one designed by US university professors and produced by WGBH Boston and funded by Annenberg Media, U.S. Apart from all reading materials, the Biography of America website gives you the possibility to watch all the accompanying videos online, free of charge. If for any reason, the video links do not work, you can access all the video material on DVD in departmental library. Please follow the instructions to make full use of the website materials.

  1. To play videos: E.g. select chapter one The New World Encounters. Find Transcript and click the video icon (VoD).


Nov 12, 2018

As I have told you in our seminars, I will not be giving my lecture on Nov 13th, 2018. Instead, an American diplomat from the U.S. Embassy in Bratislava will be giving you his talk starting at 10:30 in F313. He'll be talking about American-Slovak relations and the United States in general. The lecture is not compulsory, but those who attend will have a chance to reflect on what they hear and this can earn them some points for the overall course assessment. In order to get the five points you have to write a lecture report. Here's some guidelines you should follow. The deadline for submission is November 20th, 2018.


Guideline: How to write a lecture report



 Dec 12, 2018

I decided to put on four more seminars to make up for the time we've lost since last Tuesday. They will be devoted to the following two topics: 11 War & Prosperity (seminar focuses on Wilson's Fourteen Points) and 12, Cold War: Conflict Abroad (seminar discussion on McCarthyism and politcal trials in Czechoslovakia in the 1950s -- comparison). Two of these seminars will be given on Thursday, Dec 13th -- period 3 (9:05), room K016 & period 4 (9:50), room K037. The other two will be held on Friday, Dec 14th -- period 3, room K015 & period 4, room K015. Seminars beginning at 9:05 -- both on Thursday and Friday will be on Wilson's Fourteen Points, those starting at 9:50 well be devoted to McCarthyism and Czechoslovakia. Attendence is not compulsory, but everybody is welcome.



Dec 12, 2018

You can now find four test dates in the AIS. Sign up for one them to take your US history test or to retake both British and US history in one single test (your second and last attempt). All the test dates in the AIS may be used for retakes. Remember, please, that there will be NO MORE TEST DATES in this examination period (either first attempt or retakes).