Účastníci COST projektu z Katedry etiky a aplikovanej etiky:

prof. PhDr. Pavel Fobel, PhD.

prof. PhDr. Daniela Fobelová, PhD.

PhDr. Andrea Klimková, PhD.

Mgr. Lukáš Moravec


The basic premise of the action is that in the future smart technologies, related primarily to the Internet of Things, will have an increasing influence on (almost) all areas/spheres in the lives of both an individual and community, which will lead to the development of a new form of civilization – society 4.0. In general, as the title suggests, the research carried out within the scope of the project will focus on the inter-relations between technical, social and cultural aspects of the very process. Examples and specific aspects include, inter alia, the following: smart objects, the omnipresent linking ,the use of Internet standards, flexible and freely configurable production systems, vertical integration., a new role of people. Despite this, the current discussion on Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things and smart technologies continues to focus too much on technological and economic aspects, whereas it is almost entirely devoid of any reflection on the part of social sciences and humanities. The perspective of humanities and social sciences, is connected too with the idea of responsible innovation and with the role of self-critical Vision Assessment and with the idea of Technology Assessment(Innovation Assessment).