Projekt IVF / The impact of Brexit on migration from the V4 countries: migrant strategies

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Great Britain was one of the very core destinations for migration after the V4 region joined the EU and European markets opened for new employees. Massive immigration, including very high numbers of new comers from Central-Eastern Europe, became one of the issues discussed during the referendum debate and one of the arguments of the supporters of Brexit. One of the aims of the project is to present the British point of view by making qualitative interviews with help of the British partners. Brexit may have a substantial impact on life-strategies of the current and future migrants. The Brexit case is so important, because it is the first situation, when a member state leaves structures of the European Single Market with its core 4 mobility “freedoms”: of goods, capital, services and people. Us such Brexit gives a unique opportunity for a researcher to observe its social, economic, legal and political impacts in real time. Having that in mind, we propose a wide-scale 3-year long research realized by V4 leading migration studies institutions and their British partners. Project is to be concluded with a report which hopefully will become a useful document for political, journalistic or academic use.

Číslo projektu:21910049
Doba riešenia:2019 - 2022
Vedúci projektu:PhDr. Jana Pecníková, PhD.
Spoluriešitelia:Wojciech Bedyński (Varšavská univerzita), Helena Patzer (Varšavská univerzita), Karel Čada (Karlova univerzita v Prahe), Karina Hoření (Karlova univerzita v Prahe), Katalin Kovály (Maďarská akadémia vied v Budapešti), Ágness Eröss (Maďarská akadémia vied v Budapešti), Petra Strnádová (UMB), Jana Pecníková (UMB)
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