DECONSTRUCTION. The Role of Media in Post-Totalitarian Societies

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Working with the deconstruction of myths and propaganda at the media level is an important step for understanding in society and between states. We and our partners have been working in the sphere of dealing with past for many years. We know many cases when historical facts are used for manipulations and various fakes that are distributed in the media in particular for political reasons. We want to teach media to use declassified material from the KGB archives as a means for counteracting propaganda on historical ground. What to do with myths which worsen relations between states in the region? Within this framework, it is planned that experts will prepare a manual on archives and a description of documents on topics related to the states V4 and Ukraine. There will also be a three-day workshop with historians, media experts, developers and other experts who can tell journalists how to work with documents, how to read documents of different periods and what projects can be done on this basis.


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