5RP: Enlargement, gender and governance: Participation of women in civil and political life in EU Candidate Countries (EGG)

Informácie o projekte

This research proposal investigates issues central to Key Action Theme Three, focusing on enlargement, gender, and governance. A multi-disciplinary team of researchers will map and assess the contribution of women's political and civic organisations to governance in all 10-applicant Central and Eastern European countries (CEECs), which are evolving in terms of democratic practice and European integration. It analyses the extent to which participation procedures in representative institutions and other organisations enable women's involvement in political decision- making and governance in CEECs. It argues that women are under-represented, which results in a democratic deficit; this situation is unlikely to change unless corrective measures are implemented. By examining how the history of communist rule has affected women's current political position, the project will provide recommendations to underpin effective future policy-making. The findings will assist Commission officials who require timely on-the-ground assessment, enhance comparative research across the EU, and provide valuable data to researchers and equality campaigners in CEECs.


Programme Acronym: FP5-HUMAN POTENTIAL

Programme type:Fifth Framework Programme

Subprogramme Area:Key action Socio-Economic Knowledge Base

Zadanie projektu:

Výskum účasti žien v občianskom a politickom živote v 10 kandidátskych krajinách EÚ

Číslo projektu:HPSE-CT-2002-00115
Doba riešenia:2002 - 2006
Vedúci projektu:doc. PhDr. Alexandra Bitušíková, CSc. (za ISKŠ FHV UMB)
Koordinátor projektu:Dr. Yvonne Galligan, Queen’s University Belfast
Spoluriešitelia:Jolana Darulová, Katarína Koštialová, Ivan Chorvát, Slavomíra Očenášová
Zahraničný projekt:áno