Mgr. Roman Hofreiter, PhD.

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Mgr. Roman Hofreiter, PhD.
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Telefón: 048 446 7323

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Venujem sa viacerým témam, najčastejšie však ekonomickej sociológii, sociológii športu a voľného času a sociológii mládeže. Viac nájdete na mojom profile na


Mgr. Roman Hofreiter, PhD.  is a sociologist and the head of Department of social sciences and ethnology at Faculty of Arts, Matej Bel university. He finished a PhD. study in Sociology at Faculty of Arts of Comenius University. The main issue of his PhD thesis was the problem of emergence of social order of market; however, since the successful graduation, he has reoriented himself on the field of youth studies.  Roman Hofreiter participated as a researcher in the project APVV-0309-11 Slovak society in cross-national comparative research: before and during the crisis. He is cooperating in the H2020 project PROMISE : PROMoting youth Involvement and Social Engagement: Opportunities and challenges for 'conflicted' young people across Europe. The main issue which he is dealing with in this project is the return migration of young people after a long stay abroad. He is analysing the tendencies of returning young migrants to become bearers of change and development in their home country. 

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