Faculty of Humanities University of Matej Bel


In the long term, the department concentrates on researching the theory of general translation studies, special disciplines, the praxeology of translation, and the comparison of languages. The latter is based on the research of the linguistic and cultural environment of specific geographic and cultural entities. Research into synchronic linguistics, which meets the practical demands placed on graduates of translation and interpreting, is of concern as well. Particular emphasis is placed on the reception of foreign literatures and comparative literature.

In the context of the above-mentioned scientific, research, professional and educational activities, the department staff also researches the field of Slovak as a foreign language. PhDr. Ivan Šuša, PhD. has worked as a lecturer of Slovak in Naples (Italy), whereas PhDr. Ladislav György, PhD. has taught in Szeged (Hungary).

Members of the Department of Translation Studies have published a number of specialized articles, studies and monographs at home and abroad. They also cooperate with many other philology departments in Slovakia and other countries (Hungary, Poland, Italy, Romania, Russia, Serbia, the Czech Republic etc.), co-organize international academic events (e.g. the conference “Translation and Interpreting”) and act as members of editorial and academic councils of philological and translation-oriented journals (e.g. New Philological Revue, Translation Criticism, Alkalmazott Nyelvészeti Közlemények etc).