Mar 19, 2016

The mid-semester tests on topics 1 to 6 (Phonetics & Phonology 2) are scheduled to take place in seminars on Tuesday, March 24th (period 6 - Room K039, period 7 - Room K015, period 8 - Room K014 and period 10 - K013) and Thursday, March 26th (period 5 - Room K015). Attendance is compulsory for regular as well as resit students.



Dec 15, 2016

I have put in the AIS four test dates for you to register to take your Phonetics & Phonology written test. All the test dates take place in Aula Beliana, Tajovskeho 40 at 10:00 am. Please note that all my test dates may be used for both first attempts ( = riadny termin) as well as second attempts, or resits ( = opravny termin). So, if you happen to fail at your first attempt, you may do a resit at any of the following dates and you do not have to wait until the last test date on January the 31st. Finally, let me remind you that to commplete your first attempt, most of you will be doing two tasks, while some (those who have been tested orally during the semester) will only do one task. In the resit test (second attempt) students  transfer their best performance (i. e. the task they did best in first attempt) and do additional three tasks anew.