Language of teaching and learning

All study programmes except one are taught in Slovak language. The expected level of Slovak language is B2.

In Translation and Interpreting (for example English language or Russian language) the level of Slovak language B2 is also expected, recommended  level is C1. Translating and interpreting is from a foreign language to Slovak language and vice versa.

Applicants do not need to submit a certificate of Slovak language proficiency.

The only programme with no expectation of Slovak language is  “slovenčina v lingvokultúrnej kompetencii zahraničných študentov“ – Linguistic and Cultural Competence in Slovak Language for Foreign Students (shorter version: Slovak for Foreigners). The programme is aimed at studying Slovak language from the level A0. It is a bachelor degree study programme (3 years) and after the first term students will gain the level A2, after the second term – B2, the third and the fourth terms are aimed at C1 and the last two terms at C2.