Studies are offered in the following programmes:

  • preparation of future teachers of Slovak language and literature in combination with another subject. In the two-level day programme, students are provided with the knowledge necessary for teaching at all kinds of secondary schools
  • the single-subject non-teaching study programme Slovak Language and Literature. Besides bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes, it is also possible to study in the accredited doctoral programme
  • doctoral study in the General Linguistics study programme
  • study of Slovak language and literature in combination with another language –programmes in the Translation and Interpreting branch of study

Study programmes which concentrate on Slovak studies and Slovak language are taught primarily in Slovak. Certain subjects in the doctoral programmes are taught in English and/or German.

Our graduates are qualified to work in social, business and cultural spheres such as:

  • teachers of academic subjects
  • researchers and competent public promoters of research findings
  • public professionals with linguistic and communication skills,
  • employees of cultural institutions and media,
  • representatives of tourism, presenting and protecting cultural sites,
  • art production, the entertainment industry and other sectors.

The abilities, skills and experience they acquire enable graduates to effectively participate in the fields of:

  • information and communication technologies
  • printing industry and publishing activities
  • mass media and media associations
  • public administration and regional governments
  • and many more.

Outside Slovakia, e.g. in expatriate communities, our graduates work as translators and interpreters, experts on communication and as cultural and educational professionals.