The communist past as perceived by current students studying at universities in the Visegrad states

Informácie o projekte

The following project deals with the perception of the communist past by the generation born after 1989, shown on the example of current university students from states of the Visegrad group. The goal of the project is to find out how the students view and understand the communist regime and what picture they have about the totalitarian past. In addition to the focus on the communist past, the project also looks at the current students’ perception and understanding of democracy. The project seeks answers to the following questions: Do the students perceive any traces of communism within the current political system? Has democracy been adopted by all as a reliable and preferable system? Where do the students see the danger of a totalitarian regime? In their opinion, was the communist regime less harmful and less violent?


Medzinárodný vyšehradský fond

Číslo projektu:21720115
Doba riešenia:2. okt. 2017 - 31. okt. 2018
Vedúci projektu:Reichwalderová Eva, Mgr., PhD.
Koordinátor projektu:Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, CZ
Zahraničný projekt:áno