Course requirements


BRITISH STUDIES is a one-semester course designed for the students of the English language  and literature, both in teacher training and translator and interpreter study programmes. Its objectives are threefold: 1. to present a general overview of the most important British institutions, geographical features, British politics, media, etc., 2. to develop intercultural competences through comparative study of British and Slovak society, 3. to develop the four language skills with the emphasis on British culture-related vocabulary. 


For their weekly reading assignments as well as for exam preparation students are recommended to buy James O'Driscoll: Britain (Oxford University Press 1996 or more recent editions)


With the focus on continual assessment students collect points for their overall assessment throughout the whole term. For a student to be assessed, he/she will have to do the following work:

2. Take written test(s) (100% of the overall course assessment).
The tests are based on the topics and issues covered in lectures, seminars and the additional materials for seminar preparation. For more details on the assessment of the course go to the Assessment section.

The final examination mark will be the points-total of the written test(s). To access the assessment table with a breakdown of points collected for individual tasks go to Assessment section.


All information regarding course assessment, distribution of weekly reading assignments, announcements of test dates, essay submission deadlines, etc. will be distributed via the internet on this website. You will find all important course announcements (i. e. test dates, etc.) in Announcements section.

Roman Ličko
Department of English and American Studies
Faculty of Humanities
Matej Bel University
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