Apr 9, 2017

Next Monday, April 24th, 2017, we'll be having our last but one session devoted to speaking. In preparation for it, I'd like to ask you to do the following homework: 1. Translate the vocabulary for ATTITUDES & BELIEFS, 2. Prepare for PUBLIC DEBATE by making some research about the pros and cons of IMMIGRATION TO WESTERN EUROPE AND SLOVAKIA IN THE 21st CENTURY. Those actively participating may be rewarded as many as 6 points to their overall course assessement. Please, tell everybody to whom it may concern.  Thank you.



2. Apr 9, 2017 The test on vocabulary will be given on Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017. There are two test times -- 9:00 -- 9:45 and 13:00 -- 13:40. Both of them will be held in Aula Beliana in Tajovskeho 40. If you have your regular Productive Skills classes on Wednesdays, please take your test according to your schedules (13:00). Those of you who normally have their classes on Mondays, choose one of the two test times (9:00 or 13:00). Please, turn up at least 20 minutes in advance so that we can start on time. Thank you.


3.   May 6, 2017