With the focus on continual assessment students collect points for their overall assessment throughout the whole semester. For a student to be assessed, he/she will have to do the following tasks:

TEST I (all the topics in British history) and TEST II (the whole of American history). In addition, points can be awarded for active class participation and a non-compulsory task/s (check Annoncements). Test I is a mid-semester test written in week 7 or 8, Test II is given after the end of the teaching period (during the exam time).

Both TEST I and TEST II are based on the lectures, weekly reading assignments and topics/videos discussed in seminars. Your study guidelines are your lecture worksheets with all the open-ended questions, dates, key events, historical figures and vocabulary.

Attendance at seminars is compulsory. Students are allowed to miss a maximum of 2 seminars. Penalty points are deducted if more than 2 unaccounted absences occur.

For the information on the breakdown of points for all the assessed tasks and an overall view of points collected click the appropriate excel file below. Names in the file are undisclosed (only personal numbers are given) and you are invited to find out what your  number is as well as look at your test during your teacher's office (consultation) hours. Click here to see when this year's office hours are.