1. The final grade is based on a points total of two components: 1. Oral Exam, 2. Active participation

2. The Oral Exam consists of two parts: PART I -- British history (one Exam question + short questions) and PART II -- American history (one Exam question + short questions).

3. Each PART of the joint British and American history oral exam is assessed in grades A, B, C, D, E and Fx. The two grades are then converted into points to be factored into the overall points total (ORAL EXAM GRADE CONVERSION SCALE: A = 48, B = 45, C = 42, D = 39, E = 36, F = 0).

4. In the academic year 2020-2021 the Second Attempt ( = Resit exam) requires the student to retake only the PART they they failed at their First Attempt. (e. g. if they earned an E from British history and an F from American history they will retake only the latter, not the former PART of the Oral Exam).  

5. Names and other personal information in this table are deleted. You will find your assessment in the line marked with your personal ID number (Column A). Your teacher will give you your ID number at the end of your Oral Exam.