Sep 18, 2021

We won’t be seeing each other in class on Thursday the 23rd. The classes on this day are off and the reason for that is that I’m having a small operation the day before. So, here’re the instructions for week one.



1. Get yourself the coursebook – hardback or in pdf. This is a must and you can’t do without it. We‘ll be using  Peter Roach’s Phonetics and phonology, 4th addition. Make sure you also have a copy of the audio exercises accompanying the book.  

    2. From this coursebook, read the whole of chapter 1 and section 2.1 from chapter 2.  That’s your reading assignment for week one. 


3. Familiarise yourself with this website. Here, you can find our syllabus, weekly seminar assignments (SEMINAR PREPARATION) as well as an explanation of the course assessent rules (ASSESSMENT).



4. For week 2, go to the course website and download Reasons Why the English Language is Hard to Learn.  You can find it in SEMINAR PREPARATION. Follow the instructions and do the written assignment (i.e. transcribe homophones using IPA symbols). 



Write me an email if you have any questions. I’ll keep you posted about what happens in week 2 in due time.  


P. S. If you’re studying in the Translator Interpreter Programme, you’re strongly advised to attend the Translation, Interpreting and Culture 2 conference taking place in Banská Bystrica, September 22-24. Without exageration, this is the top translation conference this country has ever seen with some of the top professionals as presenters. Here’s the link for you to register, it’s free of charge if you are a UMB student:

Thank you,


Roman Ličko