Jan 19, 2018

First of all, my apologies for any delays in the assessment as well as dealing with your requests. I've been on sick leave for almost two weeks now, first taking care of my bed-ridden kids, then being down with flu myself. I hope I'll be back at work on Monday the 22nd.  I have now marked all the tests from January the 9th and I have also entered the final grades into AIS for those who have completed their course assessment. You can come and have a look at your tests on Wednesday the 24th. Now, the January the 23rd test date IS ON, as scheduled. In addition, as I promised, there will be ONE MORE test date (the fourth) in the last week of the examination period. I've been thinking of January the 31st. I will specify the date and enter it into the AIS shortly after January the 23rd.





Jan  24, 2018

The very last test date will take place on Tuesday, January the 30th. Please note that there will be NO MORE test dates this examination term. The fourth test date will take place at 10 o'clock, in room F313, Tajovského 40. Sign up in the AIS. If, for any reason, you experience any trouble registering or communicating with me and you want to take a test on the 30th, come anyway!