With the focus on continual assessment students collect points for their overall assessment throughout the whole term. For a student to be assessed, he/she will have to do the following work:

1. Take written test(s) (100% of the overall course assessment). The tests are based on the topics covered in lectures and seminars. Test I (mid-term) is usually given around week 7 on the first 6 topics of the course. Test II (end-of-term) is usually given in the penultimate week of the term covering topics 6 to 13. Test dates are subject of agreement between the teacher and students.There are two types of test questions of which Test I and Test II are made up of: FACT FILE QUESTIONS (requiring only a short answer, e. g. a specialist term, figure, date etc.); and TEST QUESTIONS (those requiring more extensive answers, e. g. describing the structure of NHS etc.) For the information on the breakdown of points for all the assessed tasks and an overall view of points collected click the appropriate excel file below.

2. Non-compulsory assessed task/s

British Studies assessment table