6RP Sieť excelencie: Trvalo udržateľný rozvoj v diverzifikovanom svete (Sustainable Development in a diverse World (SUS.DIV) – Network of Excellence)

Informácie o projekte

The primary objective of SUS.DIV is to integrate European research capabilities across disciplines and countries in order to provide European society and polity with the instruments and tools for managing cultural diversity as a key element of a new strategy for sustainable development. This primary objective can be broken down into the following subsidiary objectives: *to provide a better understanding of cultural assets and how their diversity contributes to human welfare and knowledge creation; *to provide a better understanding of the dynamics of cultural diversity in Europe and the world in relation to the processes of globalisation, European integration and enlargement; *to explore cultural dialogue as a key mechanism through which cultural diversity can lead to knowledge creation and social capital *to promote lasting co-operation and integration, bringing about a new way of carrying out research in Europe. *to serve the wider European research, policy and business community and the public at large, by promoting new excellence, preparing the next generation of researchers and creating enduring physical and virtual spaces of interactions among researchers and stakeholders. The Joint Programme of Activities is constructed around four Research Themes and three Structuring Action Lines. Research Theme 1. Understanding diversity. Research Theme 2. Global vs. local: cultural diversity in the globalisation era. Research Theme 3: Diversity knowledge creation and creativity Research Theme 4: Cultural dialogue: unfolding diversity. Structuring Action Line 1: Indicators and data Structuring Action Line 2: Coordinating and integrating training activities Structuring action Line 3: the Forum Initiative http://www.susdiv.org


CITIZENS-2002-7.1.2 Cultural dialogue and the European society Network of Excellence

Zadanie projektu:

Výskum diverzity v európskych mestách, identifikácia spoločných problémov a návrh riešení

Číslo projektu:CIT3-CT-2005-513438
Doba riešenia:2005 - 2011
Vedúci projektu:doc. PhDr. Alexandra Bitušíková, CSc. (za ISKŠ FHV UMB)
Koordinátor projektu:Valeria PAPPONETTI Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei Milano IT
Spoluriešitelia:Number of Project Partners: 30
Alexandra Bitušíková, Jolana Darulová, Katarína Koštialová, Daniel Luther, Ivan Chorvát, Slavomíra Očenášová (za ISKŠ UMB)
Zahraničný projekt:áno